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Integrating with 2Checkout  (Article #: R12010301, Category: Payment Methods)

2Checkout is a simple payment processing service that allows you to accept credit card payments online.

About (2CO) is a worldwide leader in payment and e-commerce services. Since 2000, 2CO has helped thousands of online merchants with a global platform of payment methods and world-class fraud prevention services, hosted on safe, secure, and reliable PCI-compliant payment pages. 2CO's merchants can accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Diner's Club, JCB and Debit cards (in the U.S.) through one full-service payment solution. The system is functional in 30 currencies and is translatable into 15 languages to support international buyers. Best of all, it's entirely turnkey and you only pay when you generate a sale, empowering you to focus more time on building your business and less time worrying about payments.

Integrating ASecureCart with 2Checkout
At check out time, ASecureCart will pass control to 2Checkout to handle the transfer of funds. Since the transaction is completed at 2Checkout's site, you must enable 2Checkout's Instant Notification Service (INS) so 2Checkout can inform ASecureCart when the payment is completed. ASecureCart can then update the order status and send you and the shopper an e-mail receipt of the order.

Adding 2Checkout in ASecureCart
To configure ASecureCart to use 2Checkout, select "2Checkout" from the "Available Options" list of the "Payment Methods" screen and enter your numeric 2CO Account # in the "Account ID" field and click the "Save" button.

2Checkout's Instant Notification Service (INS)
To configure 2Checkout's IPN, you will need to login to your 2CO account, click the "Account" menu item and then the "Site Management" sub-menu. Make sure the "Demo Setting" option is set to "Off" for live transactions.

Click Save Changes.

Next, click the "Notifications" menu item. In the "Order Created" area, check the "Enable" box and for the "URL" field enter:", replacing "YOUR_CART_NAME" with your actual ASecureCart cart name. For example, if your ASecureCart cart name is "demo", you'd enter:

Click Save Settings (note - all other fields on this page can remain blank)

Test Mode
If the "Test Mode" box is checked in your ASecureCart "Payment Methods" screen and the "Demo Setting" option in your 2Checkout account is set to "Parameter", ASecureCart's settings will submit transactions to 2Checkout in test mode.

IMPORTANT: When ready to go live, make sure your "Payment Methods" screen in the ASecureCart Profile Manager does NOT have the Test Mode box checked and make sure the "Demo Setting" option in your 2Checkout account is set to "Off".