Samples are always a great choice to help check to see if the product is right for you.
We will refund your sample cost including the $7.50 shipping charge (excluding magnetic boxes)
if you place a regular order for the same item within 30 days.
Just enter the 7 digit sample order number during the regular checkout
and we will deduct the sample costs before charging your regular order.

Here are some important sample policies to note:
We limit sample requests to 6 unique individual items per order.
Most items are stocked in white or kraft. If we do not have your color choice in stock we will send
the item in a color that is at hand so you can judge size and send a color swatch of the requested color.

For tissue, ribbon, shred & gift wrap we will send a small sample & only charge the service fee.

We do not back order samples. In the event that a requested item is not available.
We will send email notification and charge only for shipped items plus shipping.
If all your items are not available then the order is canceled.

$7.50 Ground shipping is included for all continental U.S. shipments.

Alaska & Hawaii are charged actual shipping cost
Orders may take 24-96 hours to pack regardless of ship method.

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Shipping Information

U.S. Box charges a flat ground rate of $7.50 to ship samples.
*Orders with multiple samples may ship from multiple warehouses!

Most samples get picked and packed within 48-96 hours....
When ordering, please allow sufficient time, including transit time, to get your samples.....

Ground shipping is included with your sample order for all continental U.S. shipments.
Alaska & Hawaii Shipments are charged actual shipping.

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