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Setup Wizard - for Merchants in the USA and Canada

USA and Canadian merchants, create a FREE 30-day ASecureCart account!

The Setup Wizard will take you through the process of creating your ASecureCart Shopping Service account. Once complete, your FULLY FUNCTIONAL cart will be configured to accept orders from your web site for up to 30-days with NO OBLIGATION or you can immediately log into the Profile Manager to further customize the functionality and/or the look-and-feel of your cart. No credit card nor payment information is required to try the system for the free 30 day trial! Once the 30-days are up, the cart will no longer process orders. You can either choose to sign up at that point or not - no obligation whatsoever!

Tip - Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Tip - You can change any of the settings that the Setup Wizard captures via the Profile Manager once your account is created, so don't worry about making any mistakes. However, you will need to enter a valid e-mail address in order to receive the "Welcome" e-mail which includes additional information on configuring your account.

Tip - JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to complete the Setup Wizard.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ASecureCart is entering a sunset phase and is no longer be accepting new sign ups.